Nutritious Meals are Available throughout Oregon


Meals-on-Wheels are a lifeline for many seniors in our community. For the homebound senior with health or mobility issues, preparing daily meals can be difficult, if not impossible. Many seniors lose interest in eating and cooking as they get older. They may find that food no longer tastes good because their sense of smell and taste declines with age. Unlike restaurants and fast food options, our menu changes every month. You can choose from our selection.

Care Meal Service Meal sites are available to people age 60 and older through a federally funded nutrition program. Through this program, seniors can receive meals that provide at least one-third of their daily-recommended allowance of nutrients. Individuals age 60 and older are qualified for the food system. There is no charge for these programs, but contributions are approved.


Program contribution needs no income test. However, organizations focus on services to those who the biggest financial or social need. These websites provide possibilities to fulfill new people and communicate with others. Sometimes the site will present a presenter or enjoyment. The facilities also may provide healthy testing and tests, academic information, and diet guidance. Employees at these websites may also help members to find other community-based services.

Home provided foods, sometimes known as “Meals on Wheels”, are available to seniors who cannot make it out to the food websites. Volunteers provide a well-balanced lunchtime each week day. When mature phone calls to learn more about home-delivered foods, the organization will ask some concerns and complete a phone meeting and evaluation. In some situations, a public employee may check out the mature to figure out if other services may be required.

Meals Delivered Oregon program and senior gathering spot, providing a place to meet new friends and learn about community resources. Seniors and caregivers attend educational classes and support groups, participate in chair exercise classes and watch movies, or gather information pertinent to caring for elder loved ones. Volunteers deliver a hot nutritious meal to the homes of individuals age 60 or older who are homebound because of illness, disability, or isolation. Nutritionally balanced meal, social contact, and entertainment offered to senior’s age.


The kitchen works a cooking administration for chapel dinners, yearly picnics, and other group occasions. Amid catastrophes, specialists on call and people in Special Needs safe houses get suppers readied at the kitchen. Seniors need decision and adaptability. The majority of the consideration supper administrations Meals-on-Wheels decisions give seniors an assortment of dinners to look over, providing for them control over what and when they consume every day and guaranteeing they get nutritious suppers.

We also offer home delivered meal service to meet the short or long term needs of those who do not qualify for government funded meals. This customized service provides fresh meals to individuals of any age. The meals are prepared under the supervision of a registered dietician and each meal meets one-third of the recommended dietary allowance for senior adults. Proper nutrition is an important part of staying healthy! Nutritious meals are available throughout Oregon. All menus are written and approved by a dietician and provide one-third of the recommended daily allowance. For more information visit the site .


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